We have an online panel constituting of approximately 10000 respondents, cutting across demographic profiles and geographies. This panel provides a very robust platform for conducting online research. This has participation from across profiles of urban India. However the  key issue with online research is that it collects response from a cross section of netizens that may not often represent the Target Audience of interest to the brand. Therefore, we recommend online polls only in scenarios where the target universe cuts across a wide cross section of netizens.

Any entry of fraudulent data can skew the output, hence we at AZ Research Partners have developed unique, easy to use tools which ensure data quality. The key features of our online services which enables us to ensure high quality standards are

        Unique Respondent Identifier - Each respondent has a unique identification number
        Duplication Detector - To ensure there are no duplicity of records
        Proxy Server Detection - To ensure no fraudulent data is entered
        Professional Respondent Monitor - A tracker is put in place to make sure that we have the right, genuine target
          audience for your research requirements

We also regularly run polls on topics of public interest which are open for all netizens to participate in. You can also participate in these polls if the topic interests you. Results of these polls are published on our site regularly. Infact, if you have a topic in mind on which you would want to know opinion of net surfers, you can also suggest a poll. You can post your ideas for a poll and if it is felt to be of general interest, we would post it on our site and also publish the results..

Contact us for your online research requirements or for recommending a poll of your interest – contact@azresearch.in